purush aayog

purush aayog for nri

non resident Indian husbands want a purush aayog for nri in India however there is not any provision under the law to protect those men against whom there is already a women commission. men are said to be more draconian than any other gender, be it female gender or LGBTQ or shemale etc and therefore there won't be any purush aayog for Indian husbands or even a purush aayog for nri otherwise the very purpose of formation of a women commission or women cell or women empowerment will get tarnished or undermined

so as per the law makers of India, men need to be suppressed only then others will be able to live peacefully and that's where we feel the need for a purush aayog for nri to help men especially the non resident Indian husbands suffering from online dating fraud or online marriage fraud are helped by atur chatur helpline from India which can be reached at below phone and email.

Call : 9873540498

Email : aturchatur@yahoo.com

Therefore, while contacting the above phone or email of atur chatur counselling in delhi, it must be borne in mind that a culprit woman who files false case against her husband or boyfriend can very well be punished and non bailable or bailable ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE can be filed against such lady.

Therefore, it can be seen that, when there are already provisions under the law to punish such woman then where and why is there felt a need for the purush aayog.

Men should stay away from dharna gangs and donation seeking pseudo NGO's in India who claim to be working for men as there major purpose is to trap harassed men in their net and make them their twitter, whatsapp, social media followers and thereby refer them lawyers. This fight against false cases must be fought and closed by a NRI husband without using any advocate and without coming to India by filing a Lego-Technical Representation (LTR) and only then the OP Gng may feel the heat of her own false cases.

Once such lady is punished for Perjury and tyhe husband uses three tools viz, RTI, CrPC 91 and Perjury, then and only then, the wife can be put behind bars otherwise the man will be harassed for 6-10 years or more and then he will be acquitted by writing on the judgment that, "Husband is acquitted due to LACK OF EVIDENCE"

In such cases, even the man can not do anything or any counter cases against the wife. Hence, for the wife to feel the heat, it is pertinent fot the husband to contact MEN CELL IN DELHI or purush aayog by searching for the address of purush aayog in delhi so that such NRI husbands may be able to contact real purush aayog rather then getting trapped by some dharna gangs or donation seeking men ngo's in the similar names like purush aayog so a NRI husband must try to seek/ search/ look/ find the address of purush aayog in delhi so that he is able to close the false 498a or false crime against women cell complaint in India without any advocate or power of attorney and he saves his to & fro travel cost to India too by closing false 498a without coming to India by contacting the real helpline of purush aayog for nri in delhi hence the need to file counter cases.